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Product Code: CK009
In Stock
General mixture wiper. Low cost all purpose wiper.
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£9.40 ex VAT
Product Code: CK003
In Stock
Coloured terry towel wiper. Super absorbantsuper soft quality wiping cloth.
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£21.03 ex VAT
Product Code: 0631-0116
Low Stock
General white cotton wiper for wiping and polishing
£59.53 ex VAT
Product Code: 0631-0122
In Stock
White cotton high quality wiper for wiping and polishing.
£40.06 ex VAT
Product Code: 0631-0138
In Stock
These wiping cloths are made from sweatshirts cut into generous size pieces. They are super absorbent and super soft. Great in garages and workshops.
£13.89 ex VAT
Product Code: CK001
In Stock
White sheeting wiper. Low lint super absorbent for specialist users.
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£25.80 ex VAT