Product Code: FF2L
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A tough bodyfiller reinforced with glass fibre to give a solid and vibration resistant repair. Ideal for bridging and filling holes in metal and glass fibre surfaces.
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Product Code: 1204-2540
Farecla G3 Premium Compound 1kg For use on all paint types including the very latest energy or hyper clearcoat No dusting or splatter. Exceptionally easy and quick to wipe off No dragging staining or hazing on fresh paints Long lasting powerful cut
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Product Code: TRAG/10
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High performance synthetic cloths ensure a decontaminated surface prior to painting. Eliminates particle trappings and contaminants Removes dust and dirt particles Gives a mark and smear free surface Pack of 10
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Product Code: ON/1
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100 sheet board Clean solution for mixing of fillers & pastes No bleed sheets
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Product Code: EASY3/1
An easy to use ultra smooth finishing filler for skimming and fine finishing in thin layers prior to the paint process.
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