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Product Code: 0372-3080
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FFP Mask with comfortable nose seal DuraMesh: strong and durable structure keeps the mask in shape ActivForm: no nose clip needed Loop strap with clip for quick simple and safe on and off Tested and certified to EN 149:2001+A1:2009
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Product Code: 0370-3050
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Offers an assigned protection factor (APF) of 10 x Workplace Exposure Limit (WEL) for fine non-toxic dusts fibres and mists. Conforms to EN149
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Product Code: 0371-4202
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3M Cool Flow valve reduces heat build up to offer comfortable protection particularly in hot and humid conditions reliable effective protection against fine particulates durable collapse resistant inner shell excellent fit over a wide range of face sizes provided by convex shape nose clip and twin-strap design comfortable light weight off-the-face design yellow colour coded straps denoting FFP1 protection level. 
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Product Code: 0370-3034
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Protects against fine toxic dust fumes and water based mists. The respirator can be used in concentrations of contaminants up to 10 times the WEL.All the qualities of the P200 with an added exhalation valve.
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Product Code: 0370-3039
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Comfort: Cup shape.Exhalation valve for lighter breathing resistance. Adjustable nose clip for optimised fit. Whole around ring face joint for maximal comfort. Wide elastic bands.
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Product Code: 0370-3030
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The Dust Mask provides relief from irritation of non-toxic nuisance dusts.Effective against pollen common household dust and other non-toxic particles the Dust Mask is non- certified.
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Product Code: DG021-B
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3 ply spun bonded non-woven polypropylene face mask with loops covering the nose and mouth in order to minimise the incidence of cross infection. Conforms to 93/42/EEC and EN14683 Type II. Designed to be used in surgical medical dental food preparation and other clean environments. One size.
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