Jangro Products

Use the alphabetical list on the Jangro website to find your safety data sheet, COSHH Risk Assessment, Product Usage Guide and Work Equipment Risk Assessment for all Jangro branded products. 

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Prime Branded Products & Industrial Data Sheets

If you do not see the safety data sheet you are looking for please contact us here.

Part Number Description File
UMS Prime Universal Maintenance Spray 500ml PDF
BCC Prime Brake and Clutch Cleaner Spray 500ml PDF
CL Prime Chain Lube Spray 500ml PDF
CG Prime Clear Grease Spray 500ml PDF
SA Prime Spray Adhesive Aerosol 500ml PDF
SS Prime Silicone Spray 500ml PDF
WG Prime White Grease with PRFE 500ml PDF
EC Prime Electrical cleaner Spray 500ml PDF
1246-4400 Prime Brake and Clutch Cleaner 5 Litre PDF
1246-4560 Prime Brake and Clutch Cleaner 25 Litre PDF
1266-3003 Prime Power Maintenance Spray 5 Litre PDF
BC014-5 Prime Bleach 5-Litre PDF